From Thrissur to Trivandrum…

When personal work makes u land to Drifter’s paradise, u leave no door unopened!!! Just the name – Gods Own Country, drew our attraction to the popularly known land!!!

Constant researching, few discussions gave scope to ponder upon its tropical beauty, the lush atmosphere… And thus, embarked our travel from Thrissur to Trivandrum…

The travel tale starts in the Cultural city, Thrissur welcomed by a family, modest to their hearts… From taking lazy strolls in the suburb fields, taste of North Indian food with add-on spices, & crazily trying to translate Malayalam to an digestible form. This city threw limelight of what exactly can be expected from the entire trip.

Another ride from Thrissur made us land to the colonial city, Kochi and the expedition continued… Early morning walks along the sandy stretch watching those fisherman patiently flip each fold of their nets, some ships crossing the harbors and kids leaving for schools become our regimen.

All Chats and Smiles!

Tea plantation in Devikulam hills, spice and fruit gardens, waterfalls encompassing the Vazanchal forests, chocolates and herbal stuffs in Munnar, Gold preservatory temples, amazing sunsets in sandy stretch, bike tripping through the greens, wind blowing sturdy coconut trees girding in many churches, temples of several centuries, Straddling backwaters, jetty rides, are those enthusiastic affairs we stabbed into.

Majestic Athirapally Waterfalls

Moreover, not willing to strand out from a Cheta shop for Puttu with Beef curry on banks of Kumbalam was an added toppings.The non narcotics and beer & wine atmosphere jammed the tripping! thou overwhelmed by the local cuisines 😉


Keralalites, we met were humble by nature, startlingly impressive hospitality and most helpful ones, sharing good time travel stories and experiences. Grateful to one and all whom we meet throughout the journey, some letting us stay, gossiping on cross cultures, politics and boot in to part one Couchsurfing meet!!!


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