The Secret Transpose…Here I come!!!

I started my journey again. This time it was not travelling to tour out, or that bike ride or the weekend outing. I’m moving to a new place getting relocated…

That piece of me stuck to the dilemma of moving to a new location kept me pulling to remember all good stuffs that happened in the past two years. How do I forget those some sparsely populated friends scattered in different parts of the city. I still hear the vibes of the crazy times spent.

You never know what a place alone could give u, when u think about food it is from Continental to Sushi,Bengali to South Indian, another Chinese town for dinner or small jhups for breakfast.

The city so made and formed still have its ancestral feel intact. The building so old yet standing upright with proud and boosting its presence.The locals have beliefs and tradition which their parental genes have provided. Who would want to leave a city like this?

I could still remember the day when I joined cognizant with feelings not knowing about work and its culture… Just passed out from college. But meet some amazing masterpieces who are not only my friends but always been my supporting structures. Here I  learnt how it means to be dealing with numerous volume of work, the so-called office politics, the Supervisors and Managers, my mentors who had taken pain in their ass to make me understand how project modules and business works.

But if I turn around, Is it the life m supposed to live. All work and no gain… Where has my life has stacked, in between landing pages of the cart or checkout… Nothing is planned out here but still… leaving such a wonderful city made my heart cry for a second…

Hoping for more and many such changes to happen in the near future I consoled myself.

May be I have a better reason to smile, Yes I m meeting him 🙂


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